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At, we compare all of the top-rated life insurance plans for individuals ages 18-85.  Our mission is to find you the lowest price plan with the best carrier while keeping the process simple and easy.  Most applications can be completed in one phone call, often with same-day approval!

Your available options and the associated prices are influenced by what state you live in, your age, health, and lifestyle.  As an independent agency, it is our job to help you sort through the options and pick the most affordable plan with the best carrier.  We are licensed in all 50 states and can help you with over 50 top-rated, nationally recognized carriers.  

Don’t be confused by the label; it’s all the same and actually very simple.

Burial Insurance = Final Expense Insurance = Funeral Insurance = Whole Life

These are just different words for exactly the same thing.  These are whole-life policies that you cannot outlive.

The policies we help you with all have the same basic features:

No Physical Exam, No Medical Exam, No Medical Records

Monthly Premiums Will Never Increase

Death Benefit (the payout) is Guaranteed to Never Decrease.

Policies are Guaranteed to Never Expire at Any Age

Applications can be completed over the phone – No agent knocking on your door and coming into your home.  The process is a little bit different for different carriers, but we are here to simplify the process for you.

Most Carriers have 3 Pricing Options or Levels

Which price level you can qualify for depends on your health.  A skilled agent will help you evaluate which carrier you should apply with to obtain the highest level and lowest-priced plan.  All carriers are a little bit different so you might be level 1 (the best), with one carrier and level 2 (medium), with another. 

# 1 – Level Benefit Plan

A level plan will have the best price and will provide full coverage against any cause of death immediately from day one.  You must be able to answer “no” to all of the questions on the applications but some of the carriers are very lenient.  You don’t have to be in perfect health!

#2 – Graded Plan

A graded plan is the middle option and may be offered when one or more health issues prevent you from getting level 1.  These plans are a bit more expensive and typically pay out only a portion, 25% – 40%, of the death benefit in the first year then increase to 50% –  70% in the 2nd year.  After 2 years, the policy is just like a level 1 plan and will pay out in full for any cause of death.  These are very good plans and should not be dismissed without investigation.

#3 – Modified Plan

A modified plan is level 3 and the most expensive and usually inferior to a guaranteed issue policy.  We have written thousands of policies and never once placed someone into one of these.  A skilled agent can quickly tell you which plan you qualify for and which carrier will have the best price in your state for your age and gender.

What is a Guaranteed Issue life insurance policy?

It’s exactly what it sounds like!  There are zero questions about health on the application.  These applications are immediately approved and go into force but they do have a 2-year waiting period before they pay out in full unless the death is accidental.  We are happy to explain this to you when you speak with us.

Who can qualify for a life insurance policy?

We have policies for almost everyone age 14 days to 85 years old. 

Your available options and the cost will be affected by:

Health:  The better-priced plans will always ask a few health questions.  Some plans do not ask any health questions, but they will always be the highest priced and always have at least a 2-year waiting period.  

State where you live:  Not all insurance companies are available in every state.

Age: Which plans are available